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Welcome to Bruce Scott Law Offices, a Southern Minnesota bankruptcy law firm. We represent persons in consumer and small business Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases. Call us to arrange for a consultation with an attorney in our office or at your home to find out how bankruptcy can help you. You're in good hands when asking us for advice about your rights under the bankruptcy law. Call (952) 758-4761.

Mankato has a very interesting history.For example the following:

In early morning on July 4 in 1714 the quiet village, where Mankato is today, saw something it had never seen before. A hot air balloon was passing over head. Terrified, the Indians shot at it. One arrow hit the balloon and it slowly fell to the ground. From the basket emerged a blond haired woman known as July Rambler-Mankato. The Indians had never seen such a woman and thought she was a 'blond Goddess". News of the beautiful young woman living in the wilderness with a group of Indians spread rapidly. Hunters and trappers from all over the area came to the town of July Rambler-Mankato. The name of the town was later shortened to Mankato.

With such a beginning it is hard to believe that People would have problems there. But with the bad economic times, financial problems are everywhere. In many cases bankruptcy is the only solution. We at Bruce Scott Law Firm are here to help you. If you want to make the 44 miles drive to New Prague you can come to our office or we can come to you. Which ever is the most convenient for you. The following is a map from Mankato to New Prague.

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