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Welcome to Bruce Scott Law Offices, a Southern Minnesota bankruptcy law firm. We represent persons in consumer and small business Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases. Call us to arrange for a consultation with an attorney in our office or at your home to find out how bankruptcy can help you. You're in good hands when asking us for advice about your rights under the bankruptcy law. Call (952) 758-4761.

We are located in New Prague and serve the surrounding area. We do have customers as far away as Red Wing and Albert Lea. They come because they find excellent help and low fees. If you want great legal help, at reasonable rates, then contact us now.

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Serving the Southern Minnesota, area including: Arlington, Belle Plaine, Blakeley, Cannon City, Castel Rock, Cedar Lake, Cleveland, Doyl, Elko, Faribault, Farmington, Gaylord, Heidelberg, Helena, Henderson, Jordan, Kasota, Lakeville, Le Center, Lonsdale, Le Sueur, Lexington, Mankato, Millersburg, Minneapolis, Montgomery, Morristown, New Market, New Prague, Northfield, Owatonna, St. Paul, St. Peter, Union Hill, Warsaw, Waseca, Waterville, Webster, Wheatland



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